Born in Russia, at the moment based in the EU. 


Music artist working at the intersection of music scoring (theater, film), installation, performance and art activism.


⅓ of 1000 Robota.


sometimes i act.



Artist Note (updated 2021): 

"If we talk about art, we talk about the artist and always about humankind. We address the work, the process, and the view to the human species. Not only that - we think space and time and meaning as something that belongs to humans. 

It is not only a question of ownership. It is a question of power, knowledge and control. Even though a lot of the future is being thought in technological and mechanical terms, we, as humans, see ourselves as moral agents, frontier to everything that surrounds us: life, space, time, and meaning. 

But what does meaning mean, if anything?

What does a poem mean if not what is not said or written?

What is music, if not time? 

What is art if not action, a creative element of our sphere.

So, what is it exactly that we are looking for, if we talk about art and the artist ? Are we questioning the process or less than that? The nothingness? All these strange reflections happen when we insert something from a human timescale. We call it intelligence, belief, hope, a specific moment in human history, situated ways, situated knowledge. We put this into context, and again, we translate it, contradict it, space it, game it. 


I am fascinated by the beauty of technological achievements of wider social issues in context of (post) humanism and humanity.

For me technology is neither means nor medium nor is it the primary goal, but it is the principal category of culture and the sciences for criticising other traditional categories."



I am available for music, words/voice, acting, thinking and artistic help in general.






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